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I do not accept any paid trips or payment for good reviews everything I write about the countries I have visited is my honest opinion

This Travel Site is dedicated entirely to individuals who are over 50 and are looking for reliable and trustworthy recommendations for their travels. Unlike other websites that may feature sponsored content or accept payment for reviews. This site is completely free from any of those unjust practices.

Instead, I, the creator of this site, personally pay for every company. Be it air travel, hotel, restaurant, or car rental. To ensure that every recommendation I make is based solely on my own personal experience. I understand the importance of trustworthy recommendations, which is why I only recommend companies that I have personally used and can attest to their excellent services.

Millions of people around the world annually participate in travel for the Over Fifties. With this site, you can rest assured that you are getting valuable recommendations that offer good value for money. My website sets itself apart from others in this industry, as it focuses on unbiased, personal experiences and dedicated solely to those who are over 50.

on my motorbike in Cambodia

Hi, I am James and I would like to share my travel experiences with you

Travel blogging is an exciting niche that is enjoyed by many, but as a fervent consumer of travel blogs. I was left feeling unfulfilled after realizing that there was a significant lack of content curated specifically for over-50 travelers. Despite the fact that the destinations looked pristine and dazzling. I could not help but question the credibility of the reviews.


Especially when some of the writers thanked the hotels and tourism boards for their generosity. This clearly highlighted the desperate need for a platform that offered transparency and honesty towards the readers. That’s why I decided to launch my own website, with a fierce ambition to provide my readers with authenticity by offering accurate portrayals of the destinations I visited.


However, when one develops personal relationships with individuals from hotels or tourism boards. It becomes natural to be more sympathetic towards them. Especially if they have helped you in the past. Consequently, this may lead to a tendency to avoid being critical of their establishments in an effort to strengthen the relationship and secure more paid opportunities. This becomes even more complex when trying to find trustworthy sources of information as an over-50 traveler. As a result, I am hoping to address these valid issues on my website and bring forth the reality of the travel industry.

Like I said, I emphatically state there will never be any sponsored content or paid trips

Despite my peers suggesting that I am too old to be a backpacker, I have no qualms admitting that I am not a backpacker. I prefer spending my travels in luxurious hotels, with comfortable beds and impeccable service. These two things are of utmost importance to me. Backpacking won’t offer me those luxuries, hence my preference for fine establishments.


I have been blessed to travel to several countries and while some of them I would gladly revisit, others are off my list for good. However, my ultimate goal is to find a country to move to permanently.


This led to my creation of a list of countries that fit my criteria.


While I hail from England where everything works like clockwork, the cold and wet weather is no longer ideal for my age bracket. Hence the need for a warmer climate. This list, however, is not something a backpacker would create in their travels.


After much exploration, I am delighted to have found three countries that undoubtedly fit the bill – Costa Rica, Mexico, and Vietnam. Each of these countries boasts beautifully scenic landscapes, and the people are incredibly hospitable, making them the ideal places for me to create my home. If you’re interested in learning more about this, please click on the link –

Looking for a Good Book to Read

Travelling can be the perfect opportunity to indulge in some quality reading time. If you’re anything like me, you likely would not dare to leave the house without a great book in tow. If you are searching for a new page-turner to take with you on your travels, I have got you covered.


Allow me to introduce you to the perfect book to enjoy while on-the-go. One that I can personally recommend. However, I understand if you may think I am slightly biased since it’s the first book I ever wrote.


However, I assure you that this story is one that is captivating, exciting, and sure to leave you wanting more. It’s packed with interesting characters, rich plot development, and an overall message that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. I hope you give it a chance and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Download from my site for $3.99 at,  J H Bragg    Or, if you prefer  Amazon

In conclusion. It is my pleasure to share with you my personal and authentic thoughts regarding the various places I have had the opportunity to visit. I believe it is important to be transparent and honest with my opinions to provide a fair assessment of each destination. Therefore, I plan to delve into detail about my experiences; both the positive and negative aspects that I encountered.


I assure you that my evaluation of each location is entirely based on my own observations and feelings. As much as I appreciate the opportunity to receive sponsored content or paid trips. I have made the conscious decision to decline such offers because I value my independence and the trust that you, my readers, have in my opinions.


Thank you for taking the time to hear my thoughts and appreciate my authenticity.